The slogan of Seafood Market is "If it swims we have it" and certainly the array of fresh fish, shellfish, lobsters, crabs and other seafood seems to bear this out. It is more like a large food court that a restaurant,

seating I would imagine into the hundreds. your A waiter helps you choose what you want - not just seafood but vegetables and other accompaniments - from what looks like a huge fresh fish/deli counter at a supermarket. Fun in itself as you try and decide whether you want another huge shrimp or that extra bit of cuttlefish.

Been here four times now after being taken by some locals and would definitely recommend it

Excellent ambience and great food with excellent service. Though the price is a bit on the higher end

Great fun & experience Can't have more fresh fish then at this place .catch a fish your self , live cooking with your specification of spices all in all a great experience

Dining Guide

This restaurant is a bit of a novelty and probably not to many people's liking as it is a restaurant / supermarket. The idea is that you shop for your desired seafood item, pay for it like you...normal supermarket and then hand it to someone to cook it for you.
Seafood Market has on offer a great variety of fresh seafood. To satisfy individual taste. Seafood Market allows its customers to choose on their own the type of seafood according to their linking. After a kind of seafood has been chosen it is sent to the kitchen to be prepared in the way as our customer wishes while at the same time our staff may offer recommendations for the cooking method. Should customers prefer the convenience of not having to choose the seafood on their own, or if customers arrive in large in large groups, they may choose their dishes from Seafood Market’s “Set Menu”. Customers may choose from a great variety of European style and Asian style dishes.